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9767Re: [YCML] More shounen (sexist?) yuri

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  • cricharddavies <cricharddavies@yahoo.com>
    Feb 1, 2003
      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "Alex Picchetti" <nuriseiya@r...>
      > >True story - a penpal from Japan told me that she'd been meeting a
      > >friend for a few years, a couple of times a year for dinner. One
      day he
      > >says, "so, when are we getting married?" She's like - are we
      > >
      > >She told me that she felt that because he was a shoujo manga fan,
      he really
      > >thought it worked like that - you like someone, you don't have to
      > >them, because they also like you, obviously, and then you get
      married. She
      > >blamed manga and the fact that he didn't have any sisters. LOL
      > *lol* That's pretty funny, though I do find it doubtful that
      > reading shoujo manga would have such a heavy impact.

      Really? Know a lot of people who take their cues on how to act tough
      from pro-wrestling and action movies? Know anyone who seems to sample
      his or her bon mots from sitcoms? Know anyone who pauses for the
      laugh track?

      We all know people who have a soundtrack, but that's more of a "those
      darned portable music machines" problem. :)

      Chris Davies.
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