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9765Re: [Yuricon] Re: [YCML] More shounen (sexist?) yuri

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  • Alex Picchetti
    Feb 1, 2003
      >> >> The "feminization" of male/male relationships. They are
      >> >> emasculated, and use language normally
      associated with young women.
      >> >
      >> >Given who is
      usually writing said tales, is that last really
      >> >surprising?
      >>Well, unless they've never been exposed
      to how guys talk that's no excuse.
      >>It seems like a deliberate style
      Does it happen in all yaoi? Or just doujinshi? I don't know a heck of a lot about what sort of idioms (? I think that's the word I want) would be considered "feminine" in Japan, besides the various ways of saying I/me, so I can't recognize these things...
      Then again, there was a study done (here) that suggested that super-feminine women are really sexy - but feminine men are sexier than more macho men, to the general populace. *shrug* So maybe they're just playing off that.

      >>Is it that much of a problem with
      straight male characters written by the same authors?
      >I can't
      asnwer this, since I'm not that aware of authors in the yaoi market,
      if any are also straight shoujo authors. The only thing I can say is
      >that if you lok at the near non-verbal qality of most male shoujo love
      >interests, we're talking about a view of men that isn't that
      >Male love interest in shoujo romances spend volumes
      trying to get a single
      >sententnce or even the vaguest expression of like
      or interest or attraction
      >out of their mouths - and usually fail until
      some crisis forces it out of
      *thinks* You know, that's really true ^^; Specifically right now I'm thinking of Mamoru from BSSM and Takeo from MTT!, because they're the only shoujo series with romance that I can think of o.x (I don't read plain romances, usually). Perhaps this is why shoujo romance series take hundreds of episodes to complete? :P ^^;
      Then again, depending on the age of the people involved, it may not be that off-base, for guys OR girls.

      >True story - a penpal from Japan told me that she'd been meeting a
      >friend for a few years, a couple of times a year for dinner. One
      day he
      >says, "so, when are we getting married?" She's like - are we
      >She told me that she felt that because he was a shoujo
      manga fan, he really
      >thought it worked like that - you like someone, you
      don't have to court
      >them, because they  also like you, obviously,
      and then you get married. She
      >blamed manga and the fact that he didn't
      have any sisters. LOL
      *lol* That's pretty funny, though I do find it doubtful that reading shoujo manga would have such a heavy impact. Maybe not... but I still don't think it's likely. (Where are the psychiatrists doing studies on these things? I'm moving to Japan when I graduate ;)

      >So maybe the feminization of a yaoi couple is to counter the
      perceived lack
      >of introspection and communication of straight
      Turning them instead into wibbling balls of goo! :D

      Though, as with anything, it's a case-by-case thing. I don't recall Zetsuai being particularly wibbly, feminine, or even openly communicative between Kouji and Izumi. *shrug* Maybe it's the only one? ^^;
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