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9762Re: [Yuricon] Re: [YCML] More shounen (sexist?) yuri

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  • Erica Friedman
    Feb 1, 2003
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      >From: Johann Chua <cjchua@...>

      > >> The "feminization" of male/male relationships. They are completely
      > >> emasculated, and use language normally associated with young women.
      > >
      > >Given who is usually writing said tales, is that last really
      > >surprising?
      >Well, unless they've never been exposed to how guys talk that's no excuse.
      >It seems like a deliberate style choice.


      >Is it that much of a problem with
      >(presumably) straight male characters written by the same authors?

      I can't asnwer this, since I'm not that aware of authors in the yaoi market,
      and if any are also straight shoujo authors. The only thing I can say is
      that if you lok at the near non-verbal qality of most male shoujo love
      interests, we're talking about a view of men that isn't that flattering...

      Male love interest in shoujo romances spend volumes trying to get a single
      sententnce or even the vaguest expression of like or interest or attraction
      out of their mouths - and usually fail until some crisis forces it out of

      True story - a penpal from Japan told me that she'd been meeting a male
      friend for a few years, a couple of times a year for dinner. One day he
      says, "so, when are we getting married?" She's like - are we dating?

      She told me that she felt that because he was a shoujo manga fan, he really
      thought it worked like that - you like someone, you don't have to court
      them, because they also like you, obviously, and then you get married. She
      blamed manga and the fact that he didn't have any sisters. LOL

      So maybe the feminization of a yaoi couple is to counter the perceived lack
      of introspection and communication of straight males.

      But as Sato-san said, "that's in my imgaination" and I can't verify it.



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