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9757Re: [Yuricon][YCML] Heavenly Creatures

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  • Tim BonuraII
    Jan 30, 2003
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      --- Shannon Stricof <shanami632@...> wrote:
      > Hey, with a gyrating carrot it couldnt have been all
      > bad
      > -Shannon Ami

      LOL :)

      > "Dana G." <snebula32@...> wrote:no. it
      > wasn't bloody at all. they didn't show any of the
      > gore. so the 3
      > dollars i spent on the movie was for captain fun, a
      > gyrating carrot, killer
      > ice cubes, and puke-babies.... oh and a
      > half-decently ugly girl in a bikini.

      Damn, then what is the point of a slasher with no
      Some people who make movies have no idea what they are


      Tim II- Challenger

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