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9394Re: [Yuricon] Site updated in time for New Years!!

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  • Ryogachan@aol.com
    Jan 1, 2003

        Yay! Good job Kat! ^.^
             I was really happy to get to send you fan art. I love your manga and you page I can't wait to read the next volume of the A Shadowlander's Dream!

      * ~ Kes ^.~*

      Yippy! I'm Finished. I can't believe I actually managed to fix all 500+ html
      files before New Years. Everything is finally up to date. There have been a
      few new things added. New fan art, a New Zoom feature, Some old art, Shiva
      now has her own bio page and much much more. To see what I've don just check
      the main K&N page ( http://www.katandnekomanga.ca ) and also check out the
      updates page to get a complete veiw of what new pages have been added and
      what this "Zoom" Feature is all about (
      http://www.katandnekomanga.ca/about/NewsUpdates.html )

      Now that the site is fixed and I no longer have to worry myself about silly
      bandwidth theft I can go and get other thigns done... like right now... I

      Jaa ne



      dear angel, where are your warming wings tonight? It's so cold outside, won't you hold me for a while… and angel I feel alone and unalive. The night is frozen and these tears have stung my eyes…
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