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9364Re: [Yuricon] The frist Shadowlander's Fanfic!!!

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  • Kathryn Williams
    Dec 28, 2002
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      > Now Kat...I'm sure there's a rulebook out there somewhere that states it's
      not a good policy to go and kill off your fans ;p

      *grins* I only gave her a small heart attack. Guess it isn't everyday you
      hear from the creator of teh series you wrote a story for >^_^< She first
      didn't beleive it was me so emialed my offical K&N Addy. Needless to say she
      was more then alittle shocked. All I asked was for her to add a link to my
      site (which she did right away) Looks like I made her day. To quote Misha
      "tee hee hee"

      jaa ne

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