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9085Re: [Yuricon] [ot]animenorth

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  • Drew Torrens
    Dec 1, 2002
      > hey dudes, this is off topic, sorry erica ^_^; but i was wondering if
      > any of you are involved in anime north, and if so could you possibly
      > answer two quesions for me:
      > 1) how much does it cost to rent/buy/whateveryoucallit a table for
      > the artist's alley?
      > 2) if you pay for the table, is admission extra or included?

      I'm going to be their new webmaster, so I'll be the first to know when
      they've got the info up to date. The plan is that they're going to have
      separate registration forms and everything for artist's alley people this
      year, and that should be ready (hopefully) before the new year.

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