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8823Re: [Yuricon] Mean looking Yuriko (this time joking around)

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  • Kathryn Williams
    Nov 2, 2002
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      Arigoto!!! but I'm already insane enough... One thing I hate is I always
      feel I ahve to improve upon every image I complete or I can't get anything
      done. No matter how much I try and tell myself to do a quick and simple job
      I alsay end up doing more then needed. I took out some of the flashy-ness
      that really over crowded the image. There was way to many in gravings on her
      armor and what have you. but I think I managed to still do better then I did
      on my lst armoured peice so am happy... and happier that other like it...
      now I just wait nervously for Erica-kun to replay.

      jaa ne


      > Kickass job, Kat. I like the armour just fine, despite
      > (or maybe because of) insanity. Heh, insanity makes
      > everything better...
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