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8818[OT] Creative Stuffu. And Some Junk.

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  • Eleanor Stevens
    Nov 1, 2002
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      This has absolutely nothing to do with Yuri or Anime
      or anything like that ^.^** It is however a student
      film of mine. I helped Write and Edit this and I'm
      proud of it even if the vision was a bit corrupted by
      this guy we deemed "The Film Nazi" He was err.. a Bit
      of a Dillweed and kept insinuating I didn't know how
      to use a film editor because I was a female. But I did
      make him storm out of the class by being polite ^.^.
      Anyway here is the link to our (hey I didn't Do it by
      myself) Film. Leave some reviews and write what you
      really thought of it. Just remember constructive
      criticism is best.

      Lom Ke Growle (Badly Spelled French meaning the
      Growling Man)

      Here are the other Class Films we did that I may not
      have edited but I was in them at some point

      The Adventures of Jack

      (My dollar Stars in this one^.^** and my Shoulder LOL)

      And I unfortunately can't find the third one but when
      I do I'll let you see it cause it's muy funny well
      that's all Enjoy all!


      "It's Showtime!"-Tita (Plastic Little the Adventures of Captain Tita)


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