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8814RE: [Yuricon] OT: Halloween

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  • Eltink, Royi
    Nov 1, 2002
      > What?!?!?! There's always room for another celebration!!!!!!!!
      > -Shannon

      Hmm, nah, a small list iirc:

      - Three Kings, kiddos wandering streets.
      - Carnaval (south), 5 days of beer-drinking.
      - Queen's Birthday, more drinking.
      - Day of Labour, demonstrations, but normal people have a hangover from Queen's Birthday.
      - Liberation Day #1, drinking and celebrating end of WW2.
      - Dykes and Faggots Day (only my city), music, movies, drinking and smoking pot.
      - Local-Militia-Party (south), marches and a shootingcontest followed by beer.
      - Cargo Sailing Contest (north), good opportunity to drink "schippersbitter" wich is a spicy liquor.
      - Antillian Carnaval (west), like Brazillian carnaval, but more beer.
      - Liberation Day #2, eating ricetable, drinking Lychee-wine, and celebrating end of WW2.
      - Hindustan Newyear (west), dance in the streets, drink beer and smoke pot.
      - Liberation of the Slaves (west), good opportunity to drink Surinam beer and smoke pot.
      - 'Sinterklaas', eat candy and drink hot chocolate with liquor.
      - St. Martin, kiddos wandering streets.
      - Christmas, drink warm wine.
      - 2nd Christmas day, drink warm wine _and_ smoke pot.
      - Newyear, drink champagne and play with fireworks.

      And since our country is so small (you cant drive 200 miles without crossing a border), people travel to enjoy parties everywhere..

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