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8592Re: [Yuricon] Welcome new list members!

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  • Trixterpriest@aol.com
    Oct 15, 2002
      > Since the effervescent Kun is currently away, let me be the one to welcome our newest memebers!

      Yes, I would like to welcome everyone too! =^.^= Although I'll be staying away for a little while longer ;/ I'm currently in the middle of Kentucky with no internet connection. It's only by divine intervention that I'm able to come on tonight ;p

      So welcome to everyone that I haven't met yet...and I'll get around to a more personal welcome soon =^.^=

      *does a little welcome dance*

      > As a friend of mine said, the Yuricon list is the least sucky group of people you'll ever meet online. :-)

      Funny, I thought YOU said that ;p

      > Since there's been alot of new folks in the last few motnhs, I'll start by introducing myself. I'm Erica Friedman, and Yuricon is the product of a fit of pique I had one day. :-)

      There are drugs for that you know =^.^=

      > In the meantime, hang out here, chitchat about the important things in life like, is there enough interaction between Nami and Bibi in One Piece to make *any* kind of case for a little yuri fun in their bedroom? (Actually, the answer's no, but it's fun to think about LOL)

      It's time for a fanfic me thinks ;)

      > I appear to be in need of caffiene, so I'll end this here with another Yuricon welcome - we're all looking forward to meeting you. And rememmber - "no lurkies!" :-)

      That's right! No lurkies!! I may not be around to get onto to you but that doesn't mean I don't have spies ;)

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