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8457Re: [Yuricon] Re: Book review, because you know you wanna

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  • Jared Stricof
    Oct 2, 2002
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      Hehe, funny. Very reminiscent of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.


      "Thou shalt lobest thy holy hand grenade and watchest as thine enemies are blown into tiny bits"

       Erica Friedman wrote:

      >But, my library has this neat thing where it searches the databases of the
      >four libraries in the immediate area, and if any of them have it it comes
      >up... and, nothing came up.
      >But, I will be valiant in my search! Or something. ^^

      Walk thyself to the "reader's Services" Desk of thy library. )Or call them -
      they are in the phone book...and may even be on the internet.) Say these
      magic words, "I would like to ILL a book. How do i go about it?"

      The whacked out, insane person behind the desk, who dresses funny, may well
      have a terrible hairpiece and a strange look in his/her eye, will show you
      the process. You will follow the directions. The books will come in from a
      library far, far away from your town, and you can ponder over the
      inscription "Pensacola Town Library," wondering why on earth the good people
      of Pensacola would have this book in their library, but not you in yours.

      You will read the book. You will return it to your library and you will
      repeat the steps...endlessly. Until the people at the front desk and
      Reader's Services know you by voice on the phone and refer to you as "The
      law firm of Friedman and Lawler," (inserting yours and your partner's -
      should you have one - names.) And you overdue fines will support the
      building of a new library one day, with inadequate handicapped parking.

      Trust me.



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