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  • atheniag
    Oct 1, 2002
      Since the effervescent Kun is currently away, let me be the one to welcome our newest memebers!

      Don't be shy - step right up and say hello, introduce yourself, tell us about your fave yuri couple and be part of (in all honesty) one of the friendliest lists around. I'm not averse to busting heads to keep it friendly - but so far, it hasn't really been necessary.

      As a friend of mine said, the Yuricon list is the least sucky group of people you'll ever meet online. :-)

      Since there's been alot of new folks in the last few motnhs, I'll start by introducing myself. I'm Erica Friedman, and Yuricon is the product of a fit of pique I had one day. :-)

      Between my own poor efforts, and the enormous dedication of my truly inspriring staff, we're going to be putting on a hell of a party next June, in Newark, so I hope you'll all make it!

      In the meantime, hang out here, chitchat about the important things in life like, is there enough interaction between Nami and Bibi in One Piece to make *any* kind of case for a little yuri fun in their bedroom? (Actually, the answer's no, but it's fun to think about LOL)

      I appear to be in need of caffiene, so I'll end this here with another Yuricon welcome - we're all looking forward to meeting you. And rememmber - "no lurkies!" :-)



      Yuricon 2003 - http://www.yuricon.org/03/Home.htm
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