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  • Carmen DiProspero
    Sep 30, 2002
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      --- "Dana G." <snebula32@...> wrote:
      > hello~
      > well, wouldn't you know it'd have to happen? i had
      > this great, wonderful,
      > free host for my website with unlimited space and
      > then boop! it had to go
      > start charging its customers suddenly. now isn't
      > that just dandy? and yes, i
      > knew it was bound to happen. it was too good to be
      > true, after all. but now,
      > my poor, homeless site is looking for a host and i
      > was wondering if any of
      > you kind people would like to point us in a good
      > direction? i am working on
      > minimum wage here, so i can't afford anything but
      > what's free. and it's been
      > such a long time since i've actually picked my old
      > host that i don't even
      > remember what's out there anymore. any help would be
      > greatly appreciated.
      > thanks.
      Carmen ^_^ would like to suggest a few good free hosts
      for your site:

      1. Stormpages - 50 free megs and unlimited bandwidth

      2. Anycities - Another 50 free megs site with
      unlimited bandwidth http://www.anycities.com

      3. Dreamwater - Another free 50 megs site with
      unlimited bandwidth http://www.dreamwater.net

      I have my COSPIX site hosted on these 3 above sites.
      My main site is housed by Stormpages, my 1999-2000
      pics with Dreamwater, and my 2001 pics with Anycities.

      Please stay away from Zerocatch and Bravenet. Although
      they offer free 100 megs of space, their bandwidth is
      very limited, and unless you have a LOT of text,
      Zerocatch and Bravenet will delete your site without
      warning. I know from experience, those 2 hosts deleted
      my sites.

      I hope I was some help in your quest for a new home
      for your site. Best of luck, and let me know how your
      quest is coming along.

      - Carmen ^_^ (Loves to help whenever I can)


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