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8384Re: [Yuricon] Re: Most memorable Shoujo ai/ Yuri moments

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  • Jared Stricof
    Sep 24, 2002
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      Wow, totally amazing line!!! That's a really touching (and warm and fuzzy) scene for sure.


       Erica Friedman wrote:

      I do too - that's one of my favorite scenes. But my all-time single
      favoritie is from the Sailor Moon Super S Special, in the little segment 
      where we see what's going on with Haruka and Michiru. They end up fighting a
      teeny portion of Neherenia's group. A ventiloquist and his eveil dummy. The
      dummy says that his bottle contains the shadows of all the people in the
      world, who would escape and kill everyone, so Neptune had better let them
      kill Haruka (who is adorably pinned to the fall, crying out in agony in blue

      The great moment is, when Neptune has whammed the bad guy, breaking the
      bottle and releasing Haruka. He asks how she knew he was bluffing and she

      "Were you? You misunderstand...a world without Haruka isn't worth saving."

      It gives me warm fuzzies every time I watch it. :-)



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