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8360Re: [Yuricon] Re: Most memorable Shoujo ai/ Yuri moments

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  • Sean Gaffney
    Sep 23, 2002
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      > my favorite was in utena, but not the movie. it was in one of the final
      > episodes when anthy and utena are talking over tea and cookies. anthy says
      > that the tea is poisoned and utena tells her the cookies are poisoned. it
      > ends with them promising to talk over tea and cookies in 10 years. i don't
      > know why but i love that scene...

      I'd give my opinion of the Utena movie, but don't want to irritate
      its fans (well, yes I do, but...).

      Favorite Utena TV yuri moment is probably the cliched one of Anthy
      throwing herself off the Arena and Utena grabbing her. :-D

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