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8359Re: [Yuricon] Re: Most memorable Shoujo ai/ Yuri moments

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  • Dana G.
    Sep 23 3:58 PM
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      my favorite was in utena, but not the movie. it was in one of the final
      episodes when anthy and utena are talking over tea and cookies. anthy says
      that the tea is poisoned and utena tells her the cookies are poisoned. it
      ends with them promising to talk over tea and cookies in 10 years. i don't
      know why but i love that scene...

      --- "Shannon J. L." <shanejayell2000@...> wrote:
      > Another Utena movie one for me: the dancing scene,
      > with Toki Nawa
      > playing in the background. Romantic...
      > Shane :)

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