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8339Re: [Yuricon] Most memorable Shoujo ai/ Yuri moments

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  • Sephiroth
    Sep 22, 2002
      Do you know whens the casting going to be done for the dub? Wouldn't
      mind sending in a demo tape and seeing if i could get a minor role or
      BTW Just whats your role with this project, if you don't mind me asking?

      >People please stop distributing and dowloading Alien 9. I am now offically
      >working with CPM on bringing the Anime to North America. They are trying to
      >do teh best possable for this anime but you need to help by supporting the
      >anime when it is released (sometime in fall of 2003) and stop buying
      >fansubs. Arigoto
      >and note Aya is not in Alien 9. Mika Abe plays Megumi Hisakawa.
      >jaa ne
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