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8331Re: [Yuricon] Most memorable Shoujo ai/ Yuri moments

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  • Alex Picchetti
    Sep 21, 2002
      (this is only memorable because I watched it yesterday *grin*)
      BGC 2040... when Sylia says to Linna that she understands why Priss wanted her.
      Linna: Priss... wants me?
      Yes, the audience had a field day with it. ;) We only watched the first 3 eps, okay? What do you want from me? ;p
      My personal favorite, though is in the Utena movie: Utena stripping for Anthy to draw her. That entire scene...
      -Alex (who really should watch more yuri. *sigh* I try, I try... but now that I'm a member of CTRL-A, I get discounts at Waterloo anime stores *_* mwahahaha!)
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