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8121Re: [Yuricon] Faith is back...

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  • Eleanor Stevens
    Sep 4, 2002
      --- Immortalone <immortalone@...> wrote:
      > Ha! I laugh at Shakira! The woman who can't dance!
      > (Well, I can't dance
      > neither. And it was my friend who said she can't
      > dance...) Eliza Dushku,
      > you WORSHIP on bended knees, pal! :P When Yuricon
      > comes along, and if I
      > go (lets hope I do...), we'll continue this argument
      > in person ;)

      *in her really fake Irish accent* Yer On buddy! If (I
      think I shalt have money by then ^.^**) I go you and
      an' I will continue this conversation In the err ...
      bowel's of ... umm.. Dang it I'll just burn Eliza
      Dushku pictures in effigy! YEAH! Or make Ryoko and
      Ayeka dolls get it on i dunno either one will do. ^.^


      "It's Showtime!"-Tita (Plastic Little the Adventures of Captain Tita)


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