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8103Re: [Yuricon] Faith is back...

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  • awill
    Sep 2, 2002
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      PGit wrote:
      > MmmmmCMASTER! Alright, I abhore Hamilton, but I don't
      > mind the GLBT. If only they weren't so damned cliquey
      > it'd be a lot cooler,

      Damn the cliquey torpedoes... full speed ahead!

      > and I'm hoping to get an executive position next year. Woo.

      There ya go... bash them into submission and mold them into
      the clique of your choice.

      > Frosh week is grossly dull, and I spent most of today in
      > food-poisioning haze from eating at the caf last night.

      Ouch! I hope you let the manager know. BTW, avoid cottage
      cheese like the plague.

      > otherwise, all is fabulous.
      > ... I can't wait for the new season of buffy. Sad but
      > true, I installed an old All-In-Wonder to
      > circumnavigate the need for a TV in this place...

      Byakko hugs computer monitor and croons lovingly, "Who
      needs a stupid TV when I have youuuu!"

      Take care,
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