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7665Re: [Yuricon] Yuricon site update!

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  • Steven Perez
    Aug 2 12:32 PM
      On Fri, 2 Aug 2002, Erica Friedman wrote:
      > >From: "Menagi-chan" <Menagi_chan@...>
      > >I would like to say on behalf of all insomniacs---THANK YOU ERICA! *laughs*
      > >One of the biggest things at Expo was the fact that I (and many of my
      > >friends) would get so *WIRED* but could not SLEEP. What do you do at 2am?
      > >BESIDES annoy the hotel staff?
      > I know - I'm ususally one of those people (at Expo I was running 10AM
      > panels, which was cruel, let me tell you...) so i end up wandering around,
      > bored out of my *mind!*
      > I know I'll be up late at Yuricon...and I figured at least a few others
      > would.
      And late night hall patrol can get boring enough to put
      the toughest amazon to sleep at AX.

      When Sephiroth offered to do an overnight demo/workshop, it all
      > gelled into the "Nite Owl" programming schedule. We'll have vids for us
      > walking half-dead, an awards program (thanks Chalcuhuite! for the idea) and
      > a cafe in ConSuite to chill and talk - along with other demos/workshops if
      > people step forward. I think it could be really fun.
      Wow. This'll be totally great! *grin*

      > Most cons have nothing
      > but hentai playiung them and I get bored of the grunting. :-)
      And, sorry for being crude but, it's much more fun for one to be
      doing the grunting, anyways. :D

      Steven Perez AKA Sabre Kamen and Bishounen Hunter S @}|--'--,-`-,-`-,-'-,
      Lover of Males and Females, and quite Kinky to boot! :D @}|--'--,-`-,-`-,
      N.O.V.A - Northern Oregon/Vancouver Anime stp@...
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