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7657Re: [Yuricon] Yuricon site update!

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  • Menagi-chan
    Aug 1, 2002
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      From: "atheniag" <e.l.f.@...>
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      Sent: Thursday, August 01, 2002 8:56 PM
      Subject: [Yuricon] Yuricon site update!

      > New Guests! New workshops, panels and demos! New "nite Owl" programming
      and the rules for the 2003 Fanfic contest are updated!
      > http://www.yuricon.org/03/Home.htm

      I would like to say on behalf of all insomniacs---THANK YOU ERICA! *laughs*
      One of the biggest things at Expo was the fact that I (and many of my
      friends) would get so *WIRED* but could not SLEEP. What do you do at 2am?
      BESIDES annoy the hotel staff?

      You just gave us the answer. *bows* Now _that_ is cool.

      Oh, and I'm attempting to bring my "posse" with me to Yuricon. *snickers*
      Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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