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7633Re: [Yuricon] Otakon Report (Warning: Long.)

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  • Trixterpriest@aol.com
    Aug 1, 2002
      << P.S. I discovered that my shiny, silver shirt didn't really agree with the
      Yuricon stickers. There are now two circular discolorations where the
      stickers used to be. I suppose I should have left them on, but pink is not
      really one of my colors. Oh well, lesson learned and its an excuse to buy
      another one, I suppose. One can never have too many shiny silver shirts. :)

      Ahh! I'm sorry! ;( It WAS a very pretty shirt and Erica and myself commented
      on it for a full 30 minutes or so =^.^= It was so shiny I just had to
      sticker it twice ;p If I'd known....

      *does a little shiny dance*

      >> P.P.S I actually wasn't planning on doing a report, but I just got on a
      roll. ;) >>

      It was very entertaining =^.^= Glad you had so much fun!

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