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7228Re: colleges, universities, lost, confused, drowning blah de blah etc...

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  • alicewithwings
    Jul 6, 2002
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      Oops, didn't see Wesleyan there, that's pretty far up on my list
      too... I need to start doing applications soon... WAHHHHHH!!
      (If I were the type to steal someone else's cute personality quirks,
      I'd do a little majorly stressed out dance, lol.)

      --- In Yuricon@y.., "alicewithwings" <alicewithwings@y...> wrote:
      > > If I were making the choice now, with my willingness for
      > > pressure-cookery and whatnot, *and* wanting a nice atmosphere to
      > be a
      > > lesbian in, I'd go to Bryn Mawr like a shot. I also understand
      > that
      > > Wesleyan (in Connecticut) is pretty nice that way. And I've
      > good
      > > things about Smith and Mt. Holyoke.
      > >
      > > Jude
      > Yeah, I was looking into Bryn Mawr, but they don't have a German
      > program, so it was dropped from my list. Dunno too much about the
      > other two, but they were actually on my list of "schools to look
      > into when I get the chance." Anyone have anything to say about
      > Scripps? (my other top choice.)
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