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7217Re: colleges, universities, lost, confused, drowning blah de blah etc...

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  • dziwozony
    Jul 6, 2002
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      --- In Yuricon@y..., "alicewithwings" <alicewithwings@y...> wrote:
      > Johns Hopkins is one of the top 2 schools on my list for college...
      > ok, academic masochism aside, what did you think? Is it a gay
      > friendly school? Nice atmosphere?

      Er, well, it wasn't when I was there. But, then again, my experience
      was one hellish, awful semester in the fall of 1985. Then again, one
      of the things that made it hellish and awful was not feeling like I
      could come out at that point. And on another hand, it *has* been
      seventeen years. (Gawwwwd, I'm ollllld.) And I'm sure that GALA has a
      different, more unpronounceable acronym by now.

      If I were making the choice now, with my willingness for academic
      pressure-cookery and whatnot, *and* wanting a nice atmosphere to be a
      lesbian in, I'd go to Bryn Mawr like a shot. I also understand that
      Wesleyan (in Connecticut) is pretty nice that way. And I've heard good
      things about Smith and Mt. Holyoke.

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