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6484Re: [Yuricon] Re: A long, tedious introduction

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  • Dana G.
    Jun 10, 2002
      lol, well I'm in California, so it'd be a bit of a trip. Actually,
      though, my family used to go to Maine every summer and I loved it,
      so I'll probably end up going to college some where in New England.
      My uncle lives in Vermont, so I've been looking at a lot of schools

      n" you should really check it out. new england is great. i love it to death
      (well, almost...). it's a tid bit cold and the winters can be harsh, but i
      figure if i can survive the winters with my near-constant attacks of
      raynaud's disease, than anybody can. besides, it rocks. people tend to be
      nice and it's oh so pretty. *rants and raves incoherently for about an hour


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