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6120RE: [Yuricon] Re: A long, tedious introduction

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  • Seravy~
    Jun 2, 2002
      > Oh... about Shao Li again... when Mireille's beyond
      > held down by those Hong
      > Li Pan guys, doesn't it look a bit like Shao Li's
      > hitting on her? I was
      > watching it with my cousin, and his automatic
      > reaction was, "what, is she a
      > lesbian too?"
      > Kalen

      LOL! I felt the exact same thing! but I didn't like
      Shao Li that much, especially the part when *SPOILER*

      she was sorta nagging Chloe to join Soldat. That
      really destroyed any coolness she had before.

      and one theory. I think Shao did sorta like
      Mireille... a slight physical attraction perhaps? cuz
      If I was shao li, I would have shot Mireille's arms
      and legs to ensure that she could not get away then
      maybe inject her with a poison so she would die
      within... I dunno... 15-30 mintues so even if Kirika
      did manage to save Mirelle, it'd be useless.
      Furthermore, the moment Kirika showed up, I would
      have ordered my underlings to shoot Kirika and her and
      cut the crap. (I know I'm being cruel to Mireille but
      I was talking in a REAL villain's POV)

      ~I'm in love with love

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