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6119Re: [Yuricon] A long, tedious introduction

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  • Seravy~
    Jun 2, 2002
      > BTW Seravy, That's not a knife *Whips out a
      > butterknife* Now this, this is a knife! *puts
      > Strawberry jam on a piece of toast* Ja!

      *hides her own knife in shame* knew I shoulda got
      those ninja swords I saw the other day...

      but you are right... butterknife is a true work of
      beauty. Easy to conceal and you could easily whip out
      the jam if spotted on the scene... don't forget your
      innocent puppy face to go with it though.

      ~I'm in love with love

      Find, Connect, Date! http://personals.yahoo.ca
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