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609[Yuricon] Re: Sailormoon 2002 Calendar

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  • Johann Chua
    Nov 11, 2001
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      Sean wrote:

      >--- In Yuricon@y..., "Andrea Doolan" <andrea.doolan@u...> wrote:
      >> Haruka and Michiru are holding hands in their picture!! XD
      >> Reaffirming, yet again, the complete and utter awesomeness that is
      >> Sailormoon. *_*
      >Are we still to the point where holding hands excites us? I mean,

      I suppose _how_ they hold hands makes a difference....

      >Newtype is giving us shots of major female characters in lingerie
      >draped all over each other 4 times an issue these days. If we go by

      Seems good enough a reason to pick up recent Newtypes. ^_^

      (I've only bought two issues--and that was in 1997.)

      >that, Mireille and Kirika are reaffirmed more than H&M. ^_^

      Gotta see Noir, too.

      (Attempted arm-biting and sloppy wet kisses on the cheek apparently fall
      within the range of affectionate rather than perverted if the perp is
      friendly. It's almost too easy getting yuri fodder out of girls' schools.)

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