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6089A long, tedious introduction

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  • tasukibeth@cs.com
    May 31, 2002
      Hey ladies,

      -Before I forget, I have to say that seeing a picture of Kat, I can finally
      go "Oh, that's YOU!" It turns out that I saw you at Animagic last year, but
      I just now put the face to the name. Cool. And yes, the resemblance to
      Yuriko is pretty nifty :-)

      --And whoever was the Asian girl in the leather pants...mmmmmmm. I am sorry,
      but I do have a rather pathetic and cliche'd (not to mention un-PC) fascination with
      Asian girls in leather pants (and those little sailor-style school uniforms with little braids)

      But, yes, my introduction thingy. My name is Beth, and I have been a lurker
      on this ML since February-ish. I will get this out right up front; I have
      been afraid to really get myself involved in the ongoing discussions

      (a) Half of the shows you are talking about, I have never seen. I caught an
      episode on "Noir" at Fanime, but I couldn't stick around because I had
      something else to do in that time slot. I *want* to see Kekko Kamen but
      can't afford any new purchases yet...I have seen all the typical stuff like
      Utena, CCS, Sailor moon S, etc., but nothing too Yuri-intense. I am new to
      the fandom and am still trying to figure out what I am "into."  I love canon
      couples but am finding that I am not into slash. Oh well. And Haruka is God.

      (b) you all seem to know each other so well, and I don't want to be the
      annoying girl who pops into the conversation without being invited. It's
      like," Um...Who the hell ARE you anyway?!!?" It
      can be awkward wedging into a group of tightly-knit friends, and you all get
      along so well.

      (c) I love women. Love, love, love, yum, yum, yum. I love watching them bounce around in those demeaning fighting games. I love the way they look in those little
      school uniforms with knee socks. I love the look of a beautiful woman in a suave tux. I have been loved by and with women. I love that I live with a bunch of straight guys but *I* am usually the one making the raunchiest comments. I will purposely sit through an awful Sharon Stone movie if I know she is going to get naked for three seconds.

      But here's the thing.

      I am not a lesbian. I am bisexual, and because of this, I am sometimes
      afraid that I will be shunned by lesbians. There seems to be a backlash
      (in GENERAL, but not on this board, thank heavens) against people like me for not "choosing a side," and I don't want to be despised because of what I am. I just love both; it's as simple and as boring as that. And I like this ML because you all sound just like me; you love anime women and love to talk about them. Me too. In the "real
      world," most of my female friends are straight, and they don't really
      understand me.

      But that's a little bit about me.

      Okay, political crap aside. I love going to cons; the next one I am going
      to is Anime Expo. I will be cosplaying as Ayane from Dead or Alive
      (aforementioned jiggle-fighting video game), and if I have the time and
      money, I would like to put together a school-uniform Haruka costume together
      as well. In the past I dressed as Android 18 from DBZ, which was a horrible
      disappointment, and Wufei from Gundam Wing, which was a hit, but which I
      will be retiring soon. I would definitely like to try something with a Yuri twist, but it has to be something that really catches my eye.

      I love to draw and paint fanart, and think I am okay at it. Not great by any means,
      but nice and adequate. It's a hobby and a great way to pass the time. I
      recently drew a picture of a tuxedoed Yuriko with a couple of groupies...I have attached it... :-)

      As far as the anime I like...I love Battle Athletes but hated its sequel,
      where they made the hero stupid. I am right in the middle of Evangelion,
      which I put off for **years** but finally made myself watch. Turns out, I am
      really liking it!
      Other anime is pretty run-of-the-mill, I think; Bebop, Escaflowne, Trigun,
      CCS, Kenshin, Maison Ikkoku...big robots, magical girls, blah, blah, blah.
      Pretty typical stuff, nothing exciting or new. I *did* recently purchase
      Excel Saga which is a riot!

      My favorite lesbian couple is definitely Haruka and Michiru, although I ADORE Tomoyo. I really think her affection is a one-sided one, but her honesty is heartbreaking. I mean, she is only a child yet she *knows* the way she feels, and it isn't strange to her in the slightest. I wish I was that sure of myself at that age. Hell, I wish I were that sure of myself at my current, decrepit age.

      Other lesbians/lesbian-potential anime ladies I like...I  do love Kris Christopher! It was nice to see that picture of her that was posted yesterday. I also really like the woman doctor from Eva--you know, the blonde with the glasses--I am going to hell for not knowing her name ^_^;;

      Who else, who else...

      Oh, DUH....Juri is babetacular, obviously. And I am no longer in my Gundam-Wing-crazed-fangirl-phase, but Sally Po is pretty darn cool. And Yui from Fushigi Yuugi has a lot of Yuri potential, but unfortunately Miaka is just impossibly straight.  Ah, the one sided romance.

      Hey, has anyone seen "The Sea Prince and the Fire Child"? It's a cheezy anime that is quite old based on the whole Romeo/Juliet star crossed thing. Anyhoo, the main female has a female handmaiden-servant-whatever who is very clearly in love with her. It's funny, it was one of my favorite movies as I was a child, and even though I saw it a million times, I wasn't able to really comprehend the nature of her feelings until I was an adult looking back on it. I was a pretty sheltered--and dense--child.

      Oh, and I live in California in the Sacramento area, which means I can probably go to the film festival! I have seen the Utena movie a couple of times now, but it's worth it in the end...well, not the part where it gets weird, but the part after that...

      Well, I am starting to get a little tired...it's Friday night and I am home....what a sad existence!



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