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594Re: cheebs! and Flirting... ;p

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  • eleloi@yahoo.com
    Nov 9, 2001
      --- In Yuricon@y..., WildDruid@a... wrote:

      > cheebs! explained this to me today when I brought it up :) I figured
      power tools would be more appropriate ::giggle::

      Chicks with tools...

      When I was in theater and we had to do tech work (where you put in ten
      hours of labor to help the set designer build the set)... it was all
      about the power drill. I took a little too much delight in the thrill
      of using a power tool... My classmates were afraid of me.

      To quote my best friend Rob: "All right... Who gave her the power

      Me: <reving the drill> Vroom Vroom!

      After that they sent me to go help the costumer. <sigh> That's not
      necessarily a BAD thing, considering I was the only one in the cast
      who could sew. It was the principal thing. I was a damn good

      And if any of you are giggling... you have ecchi minds. ^-^

      I like that ^.~

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