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4873Re: When was Noir released?

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  • mugenharuka
    Apr 4, 2002
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      --- In Yuricon@y..., "Jennifer McKaskle" <jqdreamweaver29@h...> wrote:
      > *reads over the messages missed while floating through the mists in
      > Lurkerland, eyes bulging at the topic*
      > Ummm.....I've gathered a lot of information about this Noir from
      what I've
      > read, but...well, being the anime-illiterate that I am (it's not my
      > it's the TV stations!), I have to ask: What the heck?! First off,
      where are
      > you guys to have seen this on TV (besides Japan), and who, *WHO*,
      is Chloe?!

      Hey-hey-hoo, Jenny

      NOIR is, as you know, a series that broadcast in Japan through last
      fall. Most of us have seen it either Fansubbed (meaning distributed
      without profit, subtitled by fans) via VHS or DIVX (meaning running
      on our PCs). It hasn't been broadcast on Television anywhere but
      Japan to my knowledge.

      If you want to see the show, I would recommend DIVX. If you don't
      have a huge broadband connection, then get someone to copy it onto CD
      and send it to you.

      And Chloe is a hot assasin from the show, but if I go any further
      into detail, I'll end up giving something away. So, that's all I can
      offer you. She's the one with Purple hair.

      Any other questions?
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