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4872Re: [Yuricon] Re: When was Noir released?

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  • Jennifer McKaskle
    Apr 4 7:22 PM
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      *reads over the messages missed while floating through the mists in
      Lurkerland, eyes bulging at the topic*
      Ummm.....I've gathered a lot of information about this Noir from what I've
      read, but...well, being the anime-illiterate that I am (it's not my fault!
      it's the TV stations!), I have to ask: What the heck?! First off, where are
      you guys to have seen this on TV (besides Japan), and who, *WHO*, is Chloe?!

      K, that's it for now. *grin* I know, I have problems, right? Byefornow!!

      ~Jenny Mac

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      jumping around under glow-in-dark lights, eating magic pills, and listening
      to repetitive electronic beeping."

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