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4868Re: When was Noir released?

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  • the_judy_justice
    Apr 3, 2002
      --- In Yuricon@y..., "distantskyking" <distantskyking@y...> wrote:
      > --- In Yuricon@y..., PhoenixStar15@a... wrote:
      > > Actually, Shoujo Kakumei Utena, is shown in french as "La
      > > Revolutionaire" when really it should just be fille. Or
      > is "fillette" a new
      > > french thing that my french book didn't teach me about? The
      > worksheets did
      > > still have east and west germany on them after all.
      > Yeah, it should be "fille." I could go out on a limb and say they
      > probably just thought "fillette" wasn't girly enough, but I'm
      > sure they just screwed it up. ^^;
      > Vera

      I think 'Fillette' is just perfectly fine. I mean, this word is used
      for young girls or to emphasize a pueril meaning. My guess is that
      it's heavily related to Utena's pure heart/nobility.
      I like it very much.
      It's a word that highlights the contrast between her goal and who she
      is. Just a girl... with a revolution to accomplish.

      But then again, this is only my poor opinion.

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