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4859Re: Re: Re: When was Noir released?

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  • PhoenixStar15@aol.com
    Apr 3 4:44 PM
      <<>But it's neat that there is some passages written in french...
      >Although most of it is broken. ^_^'

      Finally! Proof that Japanese anime fractures other languages, too- phew. :-)>>

      Actually, Shoujo Kakumei Utena, is shown in french as "La Fillette
      Revolutionaire" when really it should just be fille. Or is "fillette" a new
      french thing that my french book didn't teach me about? The worksheets did
      still have east and west germany on them after all.

      the one engaged

      "I miss your purple hair
      I miss the way you taste"

      deadjournal: edens_echo
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