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4822Re: [Yuricon] Sakuyamon is so cool (mega-geekness)

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  • Jennifer McKaskle
    Apr 1 10:24 AM
      *peeks out from Lurker-land* Hi, everyone. I've been busy as of late(the
      words research paper should never be spoken in the same sentence as Easter
      vacation) and just popped in to add my two-and-a-half cents to this
      particular topic. Being a long time fan of Digimon (and consequently telling
      friends/family more about the show than they had ever wanted to know), I
      must sadly admit to having missed a great deal of the third season.
      (Sleeping has become more and more important.) So I find myself rather
      curious at this merging process. What exactly were the circumstances
      surrounding the merge? And (because I'm anxious to know) what happened to
      the bunny the little girl became the tamer of? (The girl that is Henry's
      sister....I really should learn their names.) Finally, Jeri and Rika...I
      hope I'm not shunned for saying this, but Jeri is a dramatic girl. She
      worries equally over all the kids of the group. The only person she's been
      truly affectionate towards is Takato (I'm fairly sure that's his name), and
      any feelings she has toward Rika are meant to portrayed as sisterly or
      best-friendly. The possibilties of romance between the two are invariably
      nill. Of course, if they were older and acted like that I'd be inclined to
      think otherwise. There is a difference, I've discerned, between an
      overly-emotional 11-year-old and a romantically-inclined 14-year-old. And
      now, I will slip fitfully back into Lurker-land as my research paper awaits.
      (and waits, and waits, and will keep waiting as long as I can put it off.
      English may be my best subject, but I will fight the "rules of writing" to
      my dying day- *looks over shoulder at glowering mother* -which is a lot
      sooner than one would think.)

      ~Jenny Mac *finally working on a million new stories after months of
      writer's block, with the brief impression that she should be writing a paper
      on Sappho*

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