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4821Re: [Yuricon] Sakuyamon is so cool (mega-geekness)

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  • Erica Friedman
    Apr 1, 2002
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      >From: Minionmancer@...

      > Tenamon and Rika merge? Eh? <Digimon ignorant person here>
      > What did this Tenamon start out as? Kyubimon? So, these Digimon upgrade
      >more often than Pokemon "evolve" (beh, I hate that incorrect term)?

      Renamon is her original form - she digiveolves (in this order) to Gyuubimon,
      Taomon and biomerges with Rika/Ruki into Sakuyamon.

      I don't know if they evolve more than Pokemon - I haven't watched enough to
      really see too many Pokemon evolve. I know that Pikachu (and Bulbasaur)
      don't want to evolve, so they haven't. How sad is this conversation...? LOL



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