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3706Re: [Yuricon] Introductions and plug

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  • Erica Friedman
    Feb 1, 2002
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      >From: Minionmancer@...

      > Meow Mix, is fun, I hope to make it (work is getting hectic - all these
      >mice, blarg!)!

      We're doing Romantic vids this time - next time, either "tough chicks" (BGC,
      Sol Bianca) or hentai. Not sure which yet...and we could do some both,
      actually. I think we'll hold off on karaoke until the summer.

      > If the Escaflowne movie is playing anywhere near you, GO SEE IT NOW!
      >It's a fine stand-alone, AU version of Esca so no previous knowledge of the
      >TV series is required. The dub is actually very good. The AMC in Times
      >Square is playing both Metropolis and Escaflowne. Two anime movies in the
      >same theater at the same time ... I thought I would never see the day.

      I had a chance to see Metropolis as part of BAAF, but I just wasn't
      motivated. Is Escaflowne more interesting than the TV series? I just
      couldn't like that one, no matter how hard I tried.

      >Erica, I commend you for breaking the fingers of whoever was bothering you
      >so long ago. I used to have people pick on me on all the time. One day I
      >got fed up and swung the the hardcover I was reading at the guy trying to
      >pull of my glasses behind me. When I looked at the book again I noticed
      >blood on it. That guy had a minor crush on me after that, sheesh ... I
      >guess sometimes you gotta take drastic measures ...

      Funy, the last guy I beat up is now my devoted student in Taiji...makes you
      wonder, huh? LOL



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