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  • Stirling Twilight
    Feb 1, 2002
      Auctions are up again in support of Yuricon! Please check them out.

      Kaguya-Hime: The ultimate in Chicks with weapons!
      Sexy, androgynous Akira is caught up in an adventure involving cloning, an
      magical island kingdom and the ancient story of Kaguya-hime.


      >Shounen manga lot - chicks with weapons!
      >Here's three exciting manga from three genres of Japanese manga each with
      >action, suspense and beautiful women with deadly fighting skills.:
      >"Makiko" Vol.1 by Michio Teraoka and Kazuya Kadou introduces sexy
      >mysterious and deadly assassin Makiko.
      >"Genocider Mami" Vol.1, by Narumi Takeshi and Katakuchi Masanori, is an
      >exciting, action-filled tankubon starring martial arts expert, the demon
      >fighting Mami.
      >"Samurai Girls," Vol.1, by Kojiro Nagai, is a "Totally Spies"-like series
      >starring cute and powerful fighters Samurai Girl and her teammate Rifle
      >Girl. Follow these two girls in their adventures in life, love and the
      >fight for right.


      >Shounen ai classic Margaret Comics Bronze Zetsuai since 1989
      >This is your big chance to read where it all started with this beautiful,
      >but tragic love. Can a pop idol and a soccer star find love, or will it all
      >be hopeless?


      >Kadokawa Comics, Dragon Jr. Maze Vol. 1-6
      >Here's a magical girl and magical boy adventure all rolled up into one -
      >literally! Maze is a nice, friendly girl and a powerful young warrior -
      >with a few personality quirks. Join Maze, the enthusiastic Mil-chan, suave
      >swordswoman Rapier and the rest of their friends as they seek to save an
      >entire world! Comedy and sex fill this lot that >includes the first six
      >volumes in excellent condition.


      Thanks for looking!

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