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30034Yuri Anime Suggestion

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  • jni Linsangan
    Mar 4, 2014
      Hello!! I'm just new here. And this is my first post. :)

      I would like to ask if there are yuri anime and manga that have a story that is not only focusing on the love story of the main characters? I've been reading and watching yuri manga and anime and most of them are only focused on the development of the love story of the main characters (ex. Sasameki Koto, Girl Friends, Strawberry Panic, Etc.).

      Are there any yuri manga and anime that have action/ adventure genres to them or something? Sorry, I'm having a hard time explaining this. I just wanted to read or watch a yuri story that has 'side stories' to it or something that is a bit different.

      I hope you understood what I was saying, haha. Thank you so much! :D
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