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29871[Somewhat OT]New Blog - Utter Crap I'm Listening to Right Now

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  • Erica Friedman
    May 7, 2013

      I'm very active on a Q&A website called Quora. Quora has private board/blog things (affectionately know as bloargs) and you know, I needed *another* timesink and place to write about random anime-related crap, so I created a bloarg entitled Utter Crap I'm Listening to Right Now there, just because I found it amusing to do so.

      I post the (mostly) anime music I'm listening to and the stories behind the series and what makes it meaningful to me. This will have a fair amount of Yuri-related stuff on it, because that's the way I roll. Drop by if you want to know what crap I'm listening to right now! (Or if you are massively bored and want to read any of the 2500+ answers I've posted there.)

      Quora is a closed community, but with the link above you *ought* to be able to see the bloarg without difficulty. Enjoy the stories, the videos and the Utter Crap I'm Listening to.  If you decide to register on Quora, you can Follow the bloarg and never miss a single piece of crappy music. ^_^


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