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29753A Look at Classic Yuri Manga Sakura Namiki

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  • EricaF
    Jan 17, 2013
      Today on Okazu, I take a look at a "classic Yuri" manga from 1957 in Love on the Edge of Admiration and Desire - Yuri Manga: Sakura Namiki (‚³‚­‚ç•À–Ø)

      I also recommend reading Katherine Hanson's review of this series: Marimite in the 50s: http://yurinoboke.blogspot.com/2011/08/marimite-in-50s-sakura-namiki-rows-of.html

      This is a manga that draws on the tradition of love at a girl's school developed in the 1920s by Yoshiya Nobuko, translated into a "modern girl" setting in post-war Japan.