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29747Bodacious Space Pirates

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  • EricaF
    Jan 15, 2013
      For those of you who are not familiar with the series, Mouretsu Space Pirates is a anime series based on a series of Japanese Light Novels "Miniskirt Space Pirates." The novel and the English anime title are service-y on purpose, but the series is much less so. ^_^

      The series is streaming free, legally (with possible region restrictions, sorry...the Japanese companies are still convinced those work) on Crunchyroll: http://www.crunchyroll.com/bodacious-space-pirates

      I've reviewed the series on Okazu a few times, but the short version is that it's a good space opera and has some Yuri. It's also out on DVD (http://is.gd/8cOdAq) and Blu-Ray (http://is.gd/eS7jXX) from Sentai Filmworks.

      If you haven't watched, try it out for free on Crunchyroll. ^_^


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