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29231Re: [Yuricon] Re: Sailor Moon back on Philippine TV in 2012!

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  • Johann Chua
    Jan 31, 2012
      On Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 5:50 PM, Joy Bordador <haruka173@...> wrote:
      > Well, okay, to be fair, yes Mercury hasn't shown up yet so maybe this could change. But so far
      > Usagi, Naru, Miss Haruna, Usagi's mum, the other background characters, even the female villain
      > of the day on occasion, all sound astonishingly alike with high-pitched voices that don't seem

      Jenny Bituin (Usagi) and Rona Aguilar (Naru) did both play Kagura on
      Gintama, so they're in the same range and tend to play a lot of
      loli/moe characters. Rona has a better boy's voice though.

      > to vary in emotion (listening to Usagi go through her mood swings, which was an integral part
      > of the first season, has made me think so; I observed the same with Naru's and Miss Haruna's
      > voices during the DJ Jedite episode, which I think was episode 3 or 4 -- they didn't sound like
      > they were sleepy when they should have been). I am really hoping this will change once more
      > Senshi and villains show up throughout the course of the show.

      I think Hazel Hernan is going to play Rei.

      Wish I still had a working Betamax deck so I could play my tape of the
      old dub for comparison.
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