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29204RE: [Yuricon] OT I am confused

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  • Erica Friedman
    Jan 3, 2012
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      They will be licensing their Japanese content to other countries and not directly releasing their manga or anime.

      This news is about Bandai USA, which is the US subsidiary to the Japanese company Namco Bandai, which mostly makes it's money on merchandising for kids TV shows and games and a few key massive selling series in Japan.

      The US is a terrible market, since so many "fans" only download free manga and anime, and don't buy. So Lucky Star sells millions of copies in Japan and a few hundred in the US. It cost so much to print books/DVDs and distribute them that it's easier for companies in Japan to sell the rights to a series, rather than try to get it to the incredibly small market here directly.

      Bandai's been having trouble for years with the American market. A few years ago, they announced that they would price the Lucky Star DVDs at Japanese prices ($60/dvd , 2 episodes per disk) and were booed at Anime Expo.

      I hope that helps.



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      I saw this article on ANN:
      I am not really sure what Bandai will be doing, I know it says it in the article but I don't understand, someone plz explain!!!



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