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29116Re: [Yuricon] Re: What's the big deal about Sailor Moon?

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  • Grisznak
    Nov 8, 2011
      I have to ask about one thing - who is interesting in SM or DB now? I mean, these were shows for teens - and many of us (if not all) were watching them when we were teens. So, if they're kinda popular now, it's because kids are watching them? Or rather old fans like us are? This is key point here, I think.
      Sailor Moon is an oldschool now - it's rather obvious. Is it still a story that can catch a hearts of today's kids?

      2011/11/5 Rei Shaw <rei.shaw@...>

      Also I know I've mentioned it before but to me the closest comparsion anything can have to Sailor Moon is Sakura Taisen.

      -The cast is killed off and revived
      -It features the three imperial treasures of Japan in the form of the Majinki (they were the talismans in Sailor Moon)
      -They have to fight through a group of four/five generals to get at the big bad in each "season". (usually half a video game).
      -There is tremendous Lesbian subtext
      -It features a team of women with archetyple personalities and elemental powers.
      -And there are scenes where the characters pool all their powers into the main guy.
      -And Tomizawa Michie voices the flame elemental/diva character

      It's Sailor Moon for guys. It's Sailor Moon where you play as Tuxedo Mask and get to choose who to romance.

      Oh and thanks to the manga there is actual canon Yuri in the franchise too... cause Tsubaki has fantasies about Maria... oh don't you just love Kagekidan theatre?

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