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  • EricaF
    Nov 5, 2011
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      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "saphie.cor23" <charlene.laguna@...> wrote:

      > 2. There is a short story about two Lilian alumna (19th novel: Library IV). It's about Houribe Miki and Sayoko. Is the admired onee-sama (Sayoko) Sachiko's mother?

      Yes, the Sa-chan of "Library Book" is Sayoko, and Miki is Yumi's mother.

      Sayoko didn't become Miki's onee-sama though, she already had a soeur. Miki just admired her (and stole the book to remember her by.)

      Clearly Sachiko inherited Sayoko's innate charm, although I prefer Sayoko's slacker goofiness to Sachiko's uptight, dutiful personality.


      Just digitally musing here:

      In the course of the novels, we've "met" Yumi's mother, Yoshino and Rei's mothers, heard about Shimako's mother, seen Shizuka's mother briefly and Sei's mother in one scene. We "met" Touko's mother ever so briefly and learned about her birth mother. Eriko's mother is deceased. We don't meet Youko's mother, but she briefly refers to both parents in the "Greatest Day of Rosa Chinensis."

      Hardly any shoujo manga children on their own here. ^_^


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