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29100Re: [Yuricon] Can anyone give recommendations?

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  • Rei Shaw
    Oct 31, 2011
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      Battle Athletes Victory
      Sailor Moon S and Sailor Moon Stars (for Michiru and Haruka, though of course it's really easy to read subtext into the whole thing)
      and Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl are series I think you might like.
      In the case of Kashimashi there's some transgender overtones the main girl is a boy for the first episode but is turned into a girl... though it's really implied "he" was trans all along.

      On Mon, Oct 31, 2011 at 7:36 AM, Grisznak <grisznakiw@...> wrote:

      Kannazuki no Miko will be perfect for you, I'm sure of that. Check for
      Simoun as well.

      2011/10/30, Adam Jones <adam@...>:

      > On Fri, 28 Oct 2011 06:40:16 -0000, "ccfanboy" <ccfanboy@...>
      > wrote:
      >> I am looking for something with any (or a mix of) of the following
      >> themes: Science Fiction, Fighting, Fantasy. I am fine with good
      >> romantic stories and fan service (groping) sorry if that gives the
      >> wrong impression :( I am hoping to find stuff with bishoujo girls in
      >> it. Authors can be male or female.
      > Hmm. It's quite tricky to think of yuri series which are actually
      > legally available in English *and* still in print...
      > Whilst yuri is hardly its primary focus, you might (assuming you're old
      > enough to read it) quite enjoy Gunsmith Cats. It could hardly be
      > accused of skimping on the fanservice front (in several different
      > directions - if guns or cars are your thing, it's the series for you)
      > but also has a number of strong female characters, a non-trivial subset
      > of whom happen to be gay.
      > On a totally different front, one could just about call Aria (and its
      > prequel, Aqua) science fiction, and many of us here like to think
      > there's yuri in there if we squint a bit. It's probably out of print
      > now, sadly, but it's a really beautiful series, so I'd recommend
      > reading it on principle in any case. :)
      > (It's at this point that I wish, yet again, that Yokohama Kaidashi
      > Kikou was available in English.)
      > Stretching even further, if you're fine with goofball romantic comedy,
      > you might enjoy Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl (the plot of which could be
      > summarised as: boy meets girl; boy loses girl; boy has alien spaceship
      > fall on head(!); boy is brought back as a girl; girl gets girl(s). No,
      > it makes no more sense in context, but its heart is in the right place.)
      > --
      > Adam Jones (adam@...)(http://www.yggdrasl.demon.co.uk/)
      > .oO("Your right, I went out of my way to forget those." )

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