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28972Re: Yuricon Mailing List Policy - Please Read

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  • EricaF
    Jul 24, 2011
      > I think there are ethical fansubbers out there,

      I agree that there are a few ethical fansubbers, but my idea of ethics is, perhaps, different.

      When a manga artists express dismay at the idea that their work is being fansubbed, I think that should be reason enough to stop. So far, even the "ethical" groups, who pull down subs when licenses are announced, don't stop when a manga artists ask them to stop. And this, among many other reasons, is why we at Yuricon do not support subs and scans any more. How can an action be justified when the artists themselves thinks it is a bad thing?

      For instance, Nakamura Ching has written on Twitter how dismayed she was to find her work being scanlated. She did not see it as a positive effort. When she and I discussed it, she felt that it would make it significantly harder to get her work licensed - and there are already fairly large barriers to that already. My Japanese is not good enough to explain the complexities of the market here to her, all I could say was that fans think they are doing something good. I counseled her and have counseled other manga artists to post "Please stop scanning my work" in English on their web pages, but they are frightened of doing so after Toboso Yana's experience. (She specifically asked fans to stop downloading her work on her blog and received comments that told her to starve to death, they didn't care. And these were her *fans.*)

      > Anyway I have a clarification I'd like to ask on a another part of the forum
      > policy, can I post a link to a yuri related auction I have going on... or is
      > that considered spam and mass selling? I don't want to break any of the
      > rules here.

      That's a fair question. We've allowed those in the past and you're a member in good standing, so I'll allow it. Go ahead. ^_^


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